Navigating the stages between childhood and adulthood is not easy. Teen years can be awkward and painful. Many teens feel like they don’t belong, are happy one moment and sad or angry the next, and isolate themselves from family and friends. Teens often have difficulty balancing school responsibilities, family time, electronics, and socializing.  These issues and more are addressed in therapeutic sessions.

Teen Experience

It is important for teens to have a confidential, comfortable place to explore who they are, learn how to express their emotions in a way that works and ask personal questions about life, sex, etc.  In sessions they learn how to be themselves, make and maintain friends and find their passion. Any topic teens bring up will be addressed.

At Home

Teens struggle with wanting to be independent from their parents and needing their parents’ attention and assistance. They sometimes find it difficult to get along with siblings.  Darlene helps teens ask for what they need from parents, siblings and relatives, in a respectful and non-confrontational way. Teens can request meetings with them and their parents.

At School

School can be overly challenging and/or extremely boring. Teens need support in finding motivation, passion and setting achievable goals. In sessions, winning strategies for dealing with teachers, tests and time management are taught.


People bully to cover up their own problems, unhappiness and insecurities. Many teens need help dealing with bullies.  Bystanders want to do something but feel helpless.  Teens learn how to handle bullying on their own and/or enlisting the help of adults.

When a Crisis Occurs

Call 911 if it’s a life-threatening emergency. In any other crisis, teens need to find an adult, family member, teacher, doctor to can talk to.  If you feel there’s no one to turn to, then call a counselor or therapist who knows how to talk to teens.  (link to contact info)