Darlene integrates interactive discussion, experiential exercises, body psychotherapy and spirituality in her enriching and instructive talks. She teaches powerful tools drawn from Transformation Therapy. Participants learn breathing and relaxation techniques, which transport them to an inner place of well-being and shelters them in times of high stress. Easy to implement anytime, anywhere, her potent techniques unlock energy blocks and create a stronger connection to one’s inner self, so that one moves from negative thinking to grounded action.

An exceptional speaker and facilitator, Darlene’s customized presentations can be geared to retreats, conferences, or office meetings for business and professional groups of any size.

Participants will:

Increase their productivity, energy and creativity.
Tap into intuition for more effective decision-making.
Learn powerful mental health tools to manage personal crises.
Create a game plan to maintain emotional health.

Develop a deep inner sense of calm.
Gain greater satisfaction in daily work and personal life.
Build a feeling of community and have fun.