Darlene Basch speaks on these and related topics:

(1) Welcome to the World of Calm

Learn how to respond immediately to signs of anxiety and practice five practical tools for maintaining a consistent sense of self to stay calm and grounded.


(2) Parenting in the Electronic Age

Build healthy parent/child relationships through establishing limits on electronics and organizing creative family interaction.


(3) Journey into Meditation

Increase your feelings of relaxation and calm through constructing a body based daily meditation ritual.


(4) Embracing Life with Your Teenager

Meet the challenge of establishing open communication and a good working relationship with your teen.


(5) Sex, Chocolate and Other Cravings: Finding Satisfaction in Your Life

Discover the benefits of eating chocolate, why you have cravings, how they affect your body, and how to enjoy better sex and a more satisfying life.


(6) The Body Knows: A Body-Mind Approach to Healthy Living

Understand the impact of your perception and thoughts on your body and learn health promoting techniques.

(7) Legacy of Resilience: The Hidden Gifts of Growing Up with Survivors

Learn about the positive qualities embodied by the children and grandchildren of survivors of trauma.


(8) Stuck in a Rut? Move from Your Current Life to Your Ideal Life

Find your inner sense of direction and get yourself moving through learning daily practices to keep on track.


(9) Lasting Legacies: The Art of Interviewing Family Members

Master the art of interviewing family members to preserve your family legacy for future generations.

 • • •

These workshops and presentations can be one hour to four hours long.

Call:  323-937-4974 to discuss length of time and format.