Enlisting parents as allies in working with their children can be challenging. As a supervisor and therapist serving children and families and past president of the parent association of her sons’ schools, Darlene has experience on both sides to offer a balanced perspective.

Workshops and Presentations

Enrichment seminars for teachers, staff and parents are an essential part of sustaining personnel, expanding skills and supporting parents.  Organizations and schools can choose from the following topics or tailor specific presentations to their needs.

• Partnering with Parents

• Understanding Child Development in the 21st Century

• Relating to Teens

• Improving Communication Skills

• Meditation for Teachers, Staff, and/or Parents

• Teaching Meditation to Children and Teens


Getting an outside perspective can help resolve difficult situations. An experienced facilitator can help upset parties talk effectively with each other.  Darlene is available for consultation by phone or in person. She also can direct in-person meetings to successful outcomes.


Strategies for expanding parent involvement in schools and agencies are essential, especially in times of shrinking financial support. Building a strong parent-teacher and/or parent-agency organization can elevate the spirit and cooperation. Darlene can develop unique approaches to increase collaboration among all parties.