In working with children, Darlene uses play, art, games, discussion, and body awareness exercises.

Emotional Intelligence  

Children need to identify and deal with feelings appropriately.  Role playing and other techniques help them understand and practice expressing emotions.


Kids learn simple breathing and stress-relief skills to calm themselves. They are then able to use these methods whenever they feel anxious.


In sessions, Darlene addresses getting along with peers, following the rules and behavior problems. When necessary she consults with her clients’ school counselors, teachers and principals.


Children develop strategies to stop others from bullying them. This includes teaching them how to get support from teachers, parents and friends and/or how to stand up to the bully.

Trauma (e.g. abuse)

Darlene provides a safe place for children to learn coping skills to overcome the aftermath of traumatic experiences.  They create a coherent narrative and cultivate their strengths to move forward in their lives.


Kids need a caring space to deal with the upheaval caused by divorce.  They gain a better understanding of what is happening, learn how to deal with their feelings and talk with their parents.