Parents learn to support their children to be who they are born to be instead of making them into someone else.  By assisting parents with gifted, anxious, sad, academically and/or socially challenged children, Darlene can give them strategies to advocate for services. She also works with parents of children with autism.

Child Development

With a background in child development, Darlene teaches parents the appropriate expectations for each age.


When parents establish boundaries for themselves as a couple, separate from the children, the children learn that they too must establish suitable boundaries.

Limits and Consequences

Parents learn how to set limits and enforce consequences without yelling. In sessions, they learn to be creative in disciplining their kids.

Working Together

It is important for parents operate as a team. Parents develop skills to discuss their viewpoints and handle disagreements peacefully, especially in front of their kids.

Electronics and Kids

With the growing pressure of electronic devices invading the daily life of family members of all ages, parents learn in sessions, to balance personal interaction among everyone.

Autism Spectrum Children

Parents raising children with autism face many challenges. Darlene provides a safe place for parents as well as these children to address their feelings. She also guides parents in advocating for services for their special needs kids.


Telling children about the parents divorce can be an emotional process. Darlene aids parents in developing strategies to deal with the aftermath and co-parent as a team post-divorce. She also works with the children separately.

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