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In these fast-paced times, almost everyone is living with underlying tension. When anxiety occurs most people try unsuccessfully to think their way out of it, which only increases their upset feeling, sometimes leading to panic.

Find a sense of well being in our anxious world. Take a one-minute vacation in the midst of deadlines and hectic schedules. Step into a parallel universe leaving your stress and worries behind.

As you read this, put your feet on the floor, your hands on your belly and breathe deeply in through your nose to the count of 4; then hold for 4 counts and exhale to a count of 8. Close your eyes and repeat 3 or more times. Open your eyes, aware of the relaxation spreading throughout your body.

Here’s another technique for becoming calm. Take a breath. Exhale slowly. Scan the room naming colors and objects starting slowly then speeding up. Once you are able to name colors and objects without thinking or stumbling, notice that you are more grounded and no longer anxious.

When you find yourself feeling anxious, catch yourself before going too far down the anxiety track. Do this by shifting the sensation in your body, as illustrated by the exercises above. Simple activities such as drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea or going for a 5-minute walk can accomplish the same thing as long as you stop thinking about it and focus on feeling calm in your body.


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